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Wow your audience with gorgeous show-stopping Manuge et Toi coordinates, for your final reveal!


Your perfect pasties or pecties will be matched with a beautifully shaped, cleverly constructed Eugie (flat front or pouched gusset), and fully embellished with the best rhinestones in the biz - by the top designer in the biz!

Each Leopard Pasties and Eugie set has its own individual organic-edged shape and UNIQUE set of leopard spots, which can be made with virtually any colour combination you like! Please note your desired hues in the comment box, when making your purchase.


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TASSELS with your pasties, please add them to your cart separately. Spinners will be embedded in your pasties and the tassels will be made to coordinate, automatically. Note: Spinners are not available in pecties (pasties for pecs).


If you do not want tassels but do want spinners to be embedded, we're happy to do so at no additional cost!



LEOPARD Embellished Pastie and Eugie Set (Browse-Only Listing)

  • Please read this section carefully.

    • Standard processing times for individual stagewear orders, is 4-12 weeks. Manuge et Toi is a one-woman company, and every piece is lovingly hand made by Christina Manuge. Her services are always in high demand. In any case where it is not possible for your order to be completed within the timeline described above, Christina will contact you to discuss it, at the earliest possible opportunity. 
    • Christina will be in touch within 72 hours of your order, to request any information that is required to create your items. If your order includes a garment of any kind, a measurement chart specific to that garment will be provided.
    • All requested information must be supplied within three weeks of the original date requested. Required information could include measurements, colour selection, colour swatches, etc.
    • Any follow up questions, reminders or additional information requests must be responded to in adequate detail, within one week. Failure to communicate information within the timelines listed, will result in your order being moved to the end of the processing queue. Failure to supply the required information within four weeks after losing your place in the queue, will result in your order being deemed abandoned. You will forfeit all payments made in connection to your order.

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