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Introducing the GODDESS Body Harness G-String!

This fabulous piece is a descendant of our extremely popular Floating Gusset G-string, and the VAMP. Upper body straps provide an excellent anchor to the body, making sure everything stays put! The booty/thigh straps for a flat front version are attached only to the waist of the harness (not to the gusset), and may be made detachable by request, for extra wearing options.
For the pouched versions, the thigh/booty strap is anchored to the gusset for extra package support.


The Goddess is available in standard and deluxe versions, with your choice of a Flat Front or Pouched Eugie g-string base, in any* shape you like! Also available as a Eugenius by request. An additional fee will apply for this option.


The Standard Goddess

is made using our standard 3/8” (1cm) wide straps (as illustrated in the final image).


The Deluxe Goddess

is made with a combination of strap widths (as illustrated), for added dimension and support. Deluxe is an especially great choice for juicier bodies, and for performers who like to sew fishnets to their g-strings for that extra smooth look! Available in any colour, as long as we can source it! Please note what colour you would like, in the comment box upon checkout.


Image notes:

- The sample version in gold and black was made for a larger body than that of my plastic model - which is of course why it is pinned in several places, to fit!

- The white pouched sample shows embellishments which were added by the customer. This listing is for the UNADORNED Goddess.


*About Custom Shapes:

Ordering a new/custom Eugie shape at the listed price point does not mean that your shape will be exclusive to you. Christina may decide to offer the new shape as a standard made to order option. If you would like a shape exclusively for yourself, a different rate will apply.


Please note: With some gusset styles, the front strap placement will need adjustment for optimal performance - but don't worry, we've got you covered: Simply choose the shape you want from our drop-down menu, and we'll take care of the rest!



The Goddess Body Harness G-String (Flat Front or Pouched)

  • Manuge et Toi Stagewear pieces are made to fit your individual measurements! Once you have made your order, Christina will instruct you on which measurements are needed, and how to take them yourself. Don’t worry - if something seems off in the measurements you provide, she’ll reach out and ask you to re-check it before moving forward.

    Please Note: Required measurements must be provided within ten days of request, or before the end of the item’s processing timeline. Failure to provide the required measurements within this very reasonable timeframe, will result in a no-refund order cancellation.