NOTE: This shop is currently closed, and will reopen in 2023. The price range for this item is $99 to $114 USD.

Get nearly nude on stage and wow your audience in a gorgeously shaped, cleverly constructed Eugie, embellished by your own clever hands! 


Manuge et Toi Eugies are unique in design. From other makers, you’ll find merkins, c-strings, etc. These are all based on the same concept (covering only the most ‘private’ bits), but you’ll find none so clever as our Eugie! They’re available in many pre-designed shapes, as shown in the illustrated shape chart, but you can also request a new/custom shape! Christina loves a challenge. 


Our Eugies are with made in spandex, sourced to match your desired colour scheme or skin tone as closely as possible, and made to fit your individual measurements. They are lined with breathable panty lining, and backed with a thin vinyl only where needed (for easy and effective application using your adhesive of choice).  Hand washing recommended.


Please note what colour you would like, in the comment box upon checkout. Christina will get in touch to confirm your measurements and finalize colour selection, where needed.



A Eugie is applied the same way as a merkin; Either using glue (spirit gum or prosthetic glue), or tape (toupee tape, pastie tape or carpet tape). The only difference is that you need to attach it both at the front and the back. Our eugies have a vinyl section on the inside at front and back (perfect for any kind of adhesive application you choose), making them both easy to adhere and to clean.



Ordering a new/custom Eugie shape at the listed price point does not mean that your shape will be exclusive to you. Christina may decide to offer the new shape as a standard made to order option. If you would like a shape exclusively for yourself, a different rate will apply.



The Unadorned Eugie - Any Shape, Any Size, Any Colour! (Flat Front)

  • Manuge et Toi Eugies are made to fit your individual measurements! Once you have made your order, Christina will instruct you on which measurements are needed, and how to take them yourself. Don’t worry - if something seems off in the measurements you provide, she’ll reach out and ask you to re-check it before moving forward.

    Please Note: Required measurements must be provided within ten days of request, or before the end of the item’s processing timeline. Failure to provide the required measurements within this very reasonable timeframe, will result in a no-refund order cancellation.